Automatic adjust box size


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To adjust the height and width in accordance with the different sizes of cartons automatically.
The side driving device can automatically fix the position of carton, start sealing and the whole operation is stable.
The top and side driving belts are suitable for heavy products.
The side motors and upper taping head are controlled by cylinder and automatically fix the position of carton.  It is available for automatic packing system.
The table height can be adjusted according to the height of input & output conveyors.
Power supply: 220V 50Hz 1 Phase.
Carton size: Max ∞L x 500W x 500H mm.
                    Min 150L x 135W x 120H mm.
Tape width: 50 hoặc 76 mm.
Working table height: 570 – 770 mm.
Capacity: 20 thùng/ phút.
Dimension: L1240 x W910 x 1320H mm.
Air compressor: 6kgs/ cm2
Weight: 165kg.