Semi-automatic sealing


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  • Equipped with top and side double-belts can transport both heavy and light cartons and keeps sealing on the center of cartons
  • Suitable for various carton sizes for adhesive tape sealing, with compact design can be used in many different working spaces.
  • Simplified operating device can easily to fit different shapes of cartons and seal two tapes on top and bottom at one time.
  • Durable and stable driven belts can provide operators with working ease when proceeding continued sealing applications.
  • Could be worked with other auto packaging equipments among the process such as auto strapping machinery with sensors.
  • By using advanced peak type cutting blade can easily cut off adhesive tape not to jagged or tear to shred
  • Optional extensive working tables can integrate various packaging equipments working on a packing line
Power supply: 220V 50Hz 1 Phase.
Carton size: Max ∞L x 500W x 500H mm.
                    Min 150L x 150W x 130H mm.
Tape width: 50 hoặc 76 mm.
Working table height: 580 – 780 mm.
Capacity: 20 thùng/ phút.
Dimension: 880L x 900W x 1210H mm.
Weight: 165kg.