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Strapping machine CR550


Handphone: 0906.833.578

Innovatory AUTO-FEEDING Function : the strap will be fed automatically and be ready for the first strapping cycle application.
Auto positioning and retry function : to secure the strap goes to its' proper position and every cycle is accurate and efficient.
JAM-FREE function : auto strap loops ejecting design to correct strapping problems.
Speed of strapping cycle is 53 cycle per minutes
Electronic tensioning : to get optional 5-75 kg tension strength by adjusting the tension knob.
Strap cycle can be done by a start switch, table ball switch and foot pedal bar.
Arch standard: 600W x 500H mm
Strap is used: 5,6,9,12 x 0.6 - 0.9mm.
Cycle speed: 53 straps per minute.
Tension: Max 35kg. Table height: 820 mm.
Sealing method: Heating.
Product size: Width 100 – 550 mm x Height 30 – 475mm.
Power supply : 220V 50Hz 1phase.
Machine dimension : L900 x W600 x H1390 mm.
Net weight: 200Kg.
Machine with big arch.
Manchine frame is stainless steel.