Top Flaps of the carton will be automatic folded_Not adjust automatic size


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  • When the users feed the carton into the machine, the machine will automatically fold the front flap, rear flap and side flaps of carton, then proceed to tape the. carton and send out the carton.
  • The height and the width of the carton can be adjusted by crank handle and it is easy to adjust.
Power supply: 220V 50Hz 1 Phase.
Carton size: Max L500 x W500 x H500 mm.
                    Min L150 x 160W xH120 mm.
Tape width: 50 hoặc 76 mm.
Working table height: 570 – 770 mm.
Transmit speed: 20m/ minute.
Air compressor: 6kgs/ cm2
Dimension: L1990 x W920 x H1625 mm.
Weight: 220kg.